The workshop will be hosted in
via S. Croce 67, Trento (HIT Hub Innovation Trentino)
green room, second floor

11.00 - 11.20
Camilla Bjørnstad
The quality of patients’ medication lists

11.20- 11.40
Bente Christensen
The Problem of achieving Clinical Decision Support in InformationInfrastructures in Health Care

11.40- 12.00
Silvia Fornasini, Enrico Maria Piras and Francesco Miele
Following therapy trajectories: collective practices in a chemotherapy department

12.00- 12.20
Claus Bossen, Morten B. Ubbesen, and Peter Danholt
Data-work in Healthcare: Reconfiguring accountability

12.20- 12.40
Line Silsand and Gunnar Ellingsen

14.00- 14.20
Alberto Zanutto
Personal health data and organizational constraintsin new health infrastructures:some practices to go through fruitfully

14.20- 14.40
Veronica Moretti and Antonio Maturo
Doing illness with numbers. How apps promote medicalization in the mental sphere

14.40- 15.00
Angela Locoro and Federico Cabitza
Human-Data Interaction in Healthcare: crossing the chasms between theuses of health information

15.00- 15.20
Enrico Maria Piras
The changing locus of health data production and interpretation:observations of daily living, patient-generated data, personal healthinformation management
Coffee break

16.15- 17.00
group discussion, next steps